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The Winds of Change          - by Roland M. Comtois



2014 holds so many possibilities for so many people.  “In with the new and out with the old” is what they say when life is changing.  The key to moving forward is not to lose your focus on what really is important in your life, but to be alive and conscious of its every gift. 


I’ve noticed as I am getting older that time is not as available to me as it was when I was a younger man.  I see the days turning into weeks with great speed.  The blossoms of spring barely spend time glistening in my gardens like they used to.  The seasons of life are shifting with a great momentum as if there is some unknown urgency for life to quickly move forward. 


We always have choices.  Last year, I found myself sitting in frustration and tension, more than peace and joy.  I witnessed the challenges more than the successes of my life.  I also noticed that many of my friends, family and colleagues experienced exactly the same thing.  Yet the more that I am present in my life, the deeper my belief that every aspect of my life’s journey is important.  The highs, the lows and everything in between, offer opportunities to learn, grow and to become who and what we really are meant to be.


So, rather than reflecting on what was, I choose to contemplate on what is here in my life.  Can you do the same for yourself?  Like for all of you, the old year was defined by each and every experience I had with it.  And, I imagine the same applies to the present and the millions of moments beyond this one.  What I am saying to you is that you have the power, as I do, to manifest and create within the boundaries of belief anything and everything.  What we have to do is put our heart into it, sometimes even more than our minds.


Limitations exist in our minds, not in our opportunities.  Our minds are often filled with doubt and disbelief.  There is a spectacular place within us where the divine, the truth and the absolute knowing exists, and that is in our hearts.  There is an infinite link to the universal vibration directly fused with our hearts energy.  All we have to do is stop and listen to the story within.


Despite the movement of time, we have time right now at this very precious moment in our lives to claim what is ours and to release what is not.  This moment is filled with so much potential and opportunity and when dowsed with faith, the awesomeness takes our breath away.


The winds of change are upon us.  Everything has shifted. It is your time to move forward.  The old is a memory with no power unless you give it power.  The old is a teacher as long as you have gained insight and learned the lessons of its teachings.  The old has served you. Now, let the new day begin.


What can you do in this new and exciting year to embrace the journey and experience the destination as it is meant to be?

1. Take an inventory of what you are feeling.  It is always important to have a good look at yourself.  Evaluate your emotions and find peace with the "old" stuff of life.  It is so important to get rid of old energies, thoughts and patterns that no longer serve the higher purpose of your life.


2. Find your passion.  Ignite your passion for yourself.  Finding one's passion does not take much time or energy.  You know what makes your heart sing.  You know what moves your soul.  So, take time, take action and allow your true self to emerge with its destiny.


3. Be truthful to yourself.  Stand in your truth means no lying to yourself or anyone about you, your gifts and your place in this world.  Tell your truth and be your truth.  Anything other than your truth does not serve your soul's mission.  Truth is the guiding light located deep within your knowing.  Being who you are is honoring your truth.  Actually, being who you are honors the spiritual light that exists in all time and space, and in all dimentions of life.


4. Speak with ease.  Be nice to yourself.  If you are feeling overwhelmed, acknowledge it and talk it out with a friend.  Say nice things about yourself.  When you find yourself saying "I can't" or "I'm not good enough" reprogram that energy immediately with thoughts of unconditional love.


5. Spend time in quiet refletion.  Sitting peacefully in a space of gentleness will afford you the opportunity to step through your fears, doubts and disbelief.  The quiet meditation realigns your body,  mind and soul.  This  is a a time of comfort and self-care which is needed on a daily basis.  Plan it and book it in your schedule to be quiet.


6. Be Compassionate.  Compassion is contagious.  Your compassionate self can create a wave of wonderful energy for those around you.  Compassion is truth.  Being generous with who you are will create a beautiful space within yourself.


7. Love is the vehicle that binds all experiences.  When it's overwhelming or when you're unsure, remember love.  The word love, though used often, is powerful.  It is a catalyst and a stabilizer all at the same time.  Love yourself as you love others.  Shower yourself with the same kindness that you would give to another.  Love is what brings it all together.


Live life and live it to the fullest.  Live each moment in its entirety and be the beacon of light that you are meant to be.  You have 31,536,000 seconds this year…live them wisely!





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