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Balance Your Energy - Create Your Life    - by Nancy Web, ABT, LMT, CYT


You have the ability to create your life! What may be stopping you from manifesting is some level of energetic imbalance caused by your reaction to life’s circumstances. Life happens, and we all react differently depending on personality, constitution, learned beliefs, support system and past learning experiences. When you are feeling balanced, it is easier to plan, take action and manifest. There are many practices such as yoga, meditation and qigong that create balance, harmony and inner peace. There are also many treatment modalities that address energy balance within the chakras and meridians, which can assist you on this journey. If energy is blocked in either a meridian or chakra it prevents the smooth flow of emotions, thoughts, physical health and spiritual connection. Stagnant energy often leaves you feeling stuck. Deficient energy causes fatigue and a lack of impetus to follow through on your desires. Physically, the kidney meridian and the adrenals act as the internal battery. Lack of sleep, poor diet and stress wears down this energy, which is responsible for moving forward in life without fear and the ability to adapt to different situations. The energy of emotion and your connection to love and passion lives in the heart chakra and fire meridians. This includes the ability to connect to yourself and others and experience joy. The small intestine meridian helps you to assimilate circumstances and sort out what is optimal for your life and what is best to be eliminated. The large intestine energy takes over and is in charge of eliminating not only physical, but also emotional and mental waste. Being grounded in what you want for yourself comes from the root chakra, the earth element and the stomach and spleen meridians. This energy helps you to digest the circumstances of life and create transformation. Believing in yourself shows the strength of your solar plexus. The ability to create comes from the sacral chakra. The expression of creation comes from the throat. Choosing to do something new and different is connected to balance within the liver and gallbladder meridians. Bringing it to fruition involves the energy of the lung meridian. Following your intuition and inner wisdom as you proceed comes from the third eye. Listening and knowing you are guided from a higher source comes from the crown chakra. As these different channels of energy start to realign and balance there is a shift in your way of being. You may discover a new sense of freedom that is a clearing to create a wonderful life and a connection to the divine spark within.


Bio: Nancy Web has over 20 years experience teaching and practicing Eastern & Energy Medicine. for more information.


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