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Benefits of a Professional Oil Massage    - by Karyn Chabot, D.Ay, MS, LMT

Studies show that receiving a professional therapeutic massage about once per month can dramatically lower stress levels. We all know that stress is the root cause of most illness, so removing the stress or at least shrinking it at bit, should be everyone’s main goal in order to stay healthy and happy. At the School for Allied Massage & Ayurveda (SAMA) in Newport, warm, organic oil application, as opposed to creams or lotions, are used for their profound healing benefits. Creams and lotions ultimately dehydrate the skin because of the surfactants/emulsifiers that are used to keep the ingredients (oil and water) from separating. There are very few creams and lotions that are edible, but as the public become more educated, more edible creams and lotions will be made without surfactants. Surfactants are similar to detergent. They feel great when they are applied to the skin, but then, when you shower or bath, the water suds up the surfactants still sitting on the surface of the skin and inevitably washes away any of your skins own natural oils. Carcinogenic, toxic pollutants are as damaging when applied externally as they are when ingested. Using oil on the skin can help prevention and eliminate ama in the outer layers of the body. Ama is a Sanskrit word for toxin. The use of creams, lotion, and refined oils are not only harmful, it suppresses the metabolism and poisons the body. This may not be apparent immediately, but there is no question that many of the fancy products that people are applying to their skin today is indirectly linked to our society’s manifestation of a low immune system, among other things. The immune function is weakened by constantly fighting ama (toxins). On the other hand, using nourishing oils expel ama and strengthen the immune system. Ayurveda states that you should not apply anything to your skin that you would not put in your mouth, i.e., food. The skin views oil as food for the cells. According to ayurveda, the overall best product to use for the majority of the population is sesame oil. Each body type should use the oil that is specific for their condition. But, sesame is the best all around oil for head or foot massage, in which it is often recommended regardless of the natal body type. Warm oil massage has its root in the ancient science of self-healing from India. The Sanskrit word for oil massage is abhyanga.


Below are the benefits of abhyanga:

1. Oil rubbed into the skin prevents dehydration; strengthens the nerves

2. Creates an electrochemical balance in the body

3. Soothes insomnia

4. Nourishes the body, promotes steadiness and confidence

5. Promotes good vision

6. Heals and prevents nervous system imbalances

7. Alleviates fatigue and stress from overworking

8. Increases longevity and reverses aging

9. Strengthens the electromagnetic field of the body

10. Creates a protective shield around the body against negativity

11. Increases the immune system

12. Stimulates antibody production


Karyn Chabot D.Ay, MS, LMT

79 Thames St., Newport, RI 02840

(877) 832-1372


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