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Calling All Angels - by Jennifer (jeebee) Schultz, Psychic Reader


As the season falls upon us, many people feel the need to turn to angels for guidance and healing. Christmas is a wonderful time of year to connect with celestial guides, but truthfully you can work with angels all year round. You can call on the angels to help you with just about any situation that may come up in life, but today we’re going to talk about healing and protection.


Most of us have loved ones that are ill or injured and we wish that there was something that we could do to help. Instead of feeling helpless, why not turn to the Archangel Raphael and ask for help? To do this, make sure that you are sitting comfortably. Take a few deep breaths and relax your body. As you exhale, release all the worries and anxieties that you have collected over the day. With your thoughts, call out to Raphael. Tell him about your loved one and what ails them. Make sure to be clear in your intent and ask him to send his healing light, surrounding your loved one. It also helps if you offer some of your own energy to his healing light.


Let’s say you have a loved one over seas fighting in the war and you want to send them some protection. You can’t be there to watch over them, so why not call on the Archangel Michael. Let him know that you need him to watch over your loved one and to protect them with his flaming sword. It helps if you have a picture of your loved one with you when you contact him.


There are many ways you can contact the angels for this kind of assistance. You can do the quiet prayer technique that we went over above or you can try a myriad of other methods such as; giving your loved one an image or symbol of the angel you wish to contact, write a letter to the angels and leave it beside a candle and a white feather or you can even say a prayer out loud. One great way is to purchase a precious stone angel and charge it with your intent. For example, if you wish to send healing to your grandmother in the hospital, why not pick up a small rose quartz angel? Take the quartz angel and hold it in your hands, concentrating on Raphael and sending love and healing energy to your grandmother. Give her the angel as a gift to keep with her in the hospital. Your energy and the light of the angels will charge the stone and continue to send healing energy to her through the night.


So, how do you know that the angels have heard you or that they will assist you? Some people hear a gentle voice respond to their prayers. Some people feel a warm breeze surrounding them and others sense a warming light enter their bodies. If you find a white feather within a day or so of your prayers, that is another sign that they have heard you.


Remember, angels are around us everyday and they are willing to help as long as you are willing to ask for it. Why not reach out to these Celestial guides and allow their energy and light to enter your life? After all, they are our guardians for a reason. Calling all angels … receive their messages and help today!


For more information about working with angels, contact our psychic readers at the Silver Willow, 54 Fall River Ave, Rehoboth MA 02769. (508) 336-8813.


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