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Cellular Nourishment: The Building Blocks of the Body

                                                                            - by Mark R. Leveillee


There are unique compounds found in nature that can assist the body by destroying damaging free radicals.  Perhaps the greatest discovery in this category is powerful compounds called polysaccharides/polypeptides.  These compounds are a unique functional whole food made from pure specially select fractions of rice grains grown in one of the most fertile and unadulterated soils in the world, in Thailand.  Expert researchers agree that polysaccharides/polypeptides are the most powerful immune system strengtheners in existence.  Their effectiveness starts by providing the body’s cells (your life force) with the nourishment they need to efficiently enhance and assist the body’s normal functions and healing.


These unique grains of rice contain not only the highest quality specific polysaccharides/polypeptides (containing Alpha Glycans) but also the full spectrum of building amino acids, vitamins, minerals and potent specific antioxidants.  This makes it ideal to enhance the cellular energy (ATP) production for DNA repair and cellular regeneration, and providing powerful anti-aging effects.  This combination of polysaccharides/polypeptides, antioxidants and amino acids can enhance the body’s cellular detoxification process and build up the body’s natural healing power to function at its best, and stimulate the body to enter into a state of complete balance:  PH levels, blood sugar, cholesterol, and triglyceride levels, optimal blood pressure, body temperature and electrolyte balance.


Healthcare practitioners and researchers have consistently seen the many therapeutic benefits produced by polysaccharides/polypeptides for a wide range of health problems.  Some other benefits many include improved mental clarity and vitality, improved nerve function and stress reduction, assisting digestion, increased attention span, increased strength, endurance and muscle tone, enhanced stamina, energy, and respiratory function, and so much more!



(Reference: Peiper, Howard, Polysaccharides Polypeptides Nature’s Healing Miracles, Walk The Talk Productions LLC, 2007)


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