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Dreams - by The Celtic Cricket, Psychic Reader


Everyone dreams, and these dreams mean different things to different people. I believe that our dreams are telling us something, and although we have negative dreams and/or nightmares, there is a positive message.  How many times have you had a dream and than referred to a dream book to help?  The information in dream books is not tailored to you. I want to encourage you to start your own dream journal. Write down your dreams and what you think it might mean as it pertains to you. Also try writing down events that are happening in your life that might be influencing, or happened since this particular dream. Review this from time to time. Do you notice any patterns? A certain dream occurring regularly, a certain dream happening just prior to certain events? This will help you gain insight into what your dreams mean.


A lot of folks say they can not remember their dreams. That is why I make an affirmation when I go to bed, such as, "if I dream tonight, I wish to remember my dream." By saying this to yourself, you are programming yourself to remember your dreams.


Some common themes in dreams: Appearing nude in public is often a symbol that we are trying to get noticed, whether this is at work, in society or with our partner. Dreaming of a nightmareish event or something that you are fearful of is often a symbol that you need to face your fears instead of running from them. So while you are dreaming of this fearful thing, you should ask what it is trying to show you. I have dreamt of falling of a cliff. I continued to dream through this, and when I hit ground I did not wake up. In the dream, I got up and walked away. This is a good omen to me, indicating that I am overcoming an obstacle.


Another exercise I do before going to bed is to ask any relatives that have passed over to enter my dreams with any information that is beneficial to me, or to simply let me know how they are doing. I have had great success with this. It was my grandmother that always told me that the dead can speak to you easily through your dreams, and ironically, it is my grandmother that talks to me quite often in my dreams.


So keep that journal handy, and sweet dreams!


*Charles Cochrane, aka the Celtic Cricket is a locally known psychic.  For more information, or to get a reading, please contact him at The Silver Willow 508-336-8813.


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