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Clear Away Your Emotional Clutter With Flower Essences

                                                                                                                          - by Linda Beal, M.Ed.


A new year is here.  What do you hope to accomplish?  How many of us begin the New Year with fresh resolve to change aspects of our selves and our lives, only to abandon our greatest wishes and personal goals as the year progresses?  Sadly, it is often our very own thoughts and behaviors that block us from achieving that which we most desire in our lives, but flower essences can help!


Throughout our lives, we are affected by our various experiences and interactions with others.  In addition to gaining wisdom from our encounters, we may also unconsciously absorb, adopt, and accumulate negative thought patterns, emotions, and behaviors that sabotage our development.  Without realizing, we hold onto this “emotional clutter”, much like one holds onto heavily laden bags packed long ago.  Holding onto imbalanced emotional states such as fear, guilt, and lack of self esteem drag us down, impede our progress and can even prevent us from reaching our desired destination.


Unpack your emotional baggage with flower essences!  Flower essences can help us to recognize and clear away our emotional clutter by assisting us to inwardly balance and strengthen ourselves.  With the help of flower essences, we may slowly transform our fear into courage, our guilt into self acceptance, and our lack of self esteem into self confidence.  In this way, we may free ourselves to hear our Inner Guidance and reach towards our greatest potential.


Flower essences are safe, all natural remedies created from the flowers of plants and trees.  Vibrational in nature, the “essence” of the flower is released and imprinted in water.  Flower essences are taken in liquid dropper form, or applied topically, and may serve as a gentle catalyst to effect profound change in ourselves.  Just as certain herbs can help us to heal our physical bodies, each flower essence has a different, subtle “message” to impart, which may help us to balance and strengthen ourselves on an emotional level.  For example, Dill as an herb can help us to better digest the food we eat, while Dill as a flower essence can help us “digest” the sensory experiences we receive.


Dr. Edward Bach, a successful British physician and homeopath, created the first flower essences in the 1930’s to enable individuals to heal themselves.  The thirty-eight Bach Flower Remedies from England have increased in popularity and been joined by new flower essences from around the world during the past two decades.  Expanding upon Dr. Bach’s work, Richard Katz and Patricia Kaminski’s Flower Essence Society has created over 200 North American flower essences and dedicated itself to educational outreach and research on the therapeutic effects of flower essences.


With so many flower essences to choose from, you may decide that flower essence therapy, under the guidance of a skilled flower essence practitioner, is the best way to embark on your healing journey.  Flower essence therapy is a safe, natural, and gentle way to heal yourself.

Let this be the year you create the change you wish to accomplish in your life!


Linda Beal, M.ED., is a certified Flower Essence Society flower essence practitioner and a trained Waldorf and Special Education teacher who combines her love and wisdom of flower essence therapy and educational expertise in her work with adults, adolescents, and children.  Her practice, Inner Garden, is located in Wakefield, R.I.  For more information, or to schedule an appointment, call 401-212-0954 or e-mail



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