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Herbal Aphrodisiacs - by Charles Cochrane, CH


As we age through mid-life and onward, one of the first things that is affected is the libido. There are a lot of chemical supplements out there, but I often meet with singles and couples that are looking for an all natural herbal fix to help put the spark back into their fires. The most popular way to arouse a little romance is with aromatherapy and teas.


Aromatherapy targets the sense of smell, which is the strongest sense attached to memory and emotions. Here is a short list of essential oils that will arouse.


-Ylang Ylang oil brings a sense of euphoria and giddiness which makes it a perfect scent for massage lotion or a scented candle. Do not use if you have low blood pressure, as the smell tends to lower your blood pressure with a single whiff.


-Patchouli, with its earthly scent can cause some people to go into ecstasy, but it could actually turn off your partner as well. Patchouli is a scent that you either love or loathe.


-Jasmine and Lavender with their sweet, floral scents seem to be popular for women who are trying to attract the opposite sex, especially when worn as perfume.


-Clove, Musk and especially Cinnamon have a warming effect that gets the blood pumping, especially when used in massage oils, body lotions and even baths.


-But, hands down the most popular scent for arousal is vanilla. The scent of Vanilla, whether it is in cooking, candles or perfumes seem to stir the passion within.


Maybe you want to try some nice tea instead. Here is a list of herbal aphrodisiacs that can be made into teas, capsules, food products or liquid extracts.


-Ginko brings blood to the head and also the head of the penis. It should improve memory and sex life when taken daily for six to eight weeks.


-Yohimbe Bark increases the blood flow to both male and female genitals. It is a very powerful nerve stimulant when taken in small doses. (May also increase blood pressure)


-Siberian Ginseng increases stamina, enhances sexual performance and also helps to handle stress.


-Pumpkin seeds are high in Zinc to help control testosterone production.


-Licorice Root helps to enhance estrogen levels, being that it is a warming stimulant. It should only be used in small doses as it also increases blood pressure.

-Damiana is a powerful nerve stimulant to the sex organs due to the presence of several alkaloids and it also boosts circulation.


     So, to bring that spark back into your romantic life, try this popular romantic tea.


1 part Yohimbe Bark

1 part Damiana Leaf

1 part Rose Petals

2 parts Mint leaf (spearmint, peppermint, etc)


Make a pot of strong tea, light your Vanilla or Jasmine candles and pull down those shades.




For more information on aphrodisiacs and herbal health, or to have a special blend made just for you,

contact Charles Cochrane (certified herbalist) at the Silver Willow, 54 Fall River Ave, Rehoboth MA 02769.

(508) 336-8813.



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