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How To Connect With Inner Guidance,  by Nancy Harris, LICSW


Each of us is a spiritual being with an all-knowing soul or Higher Power.  Learning to connect with and listen to this wise part of our self is a way to attain guidance or direction in our life.  Having faith and trust in this process is crucial for developing lasting health, happiness and true authentic self-empowerment.  This is a process that transcends the ego-mind, which is always trying to figure out answers to our problems through the intellect and its capacity for human reasoning.


Learning to connect with our inner guidance is really not that difficult.  It can be summed up in three basic steps.  The first step is to hold the intention to connect with divine guidance.  The second step is to let go, release all expectations, and trust you will receive an answer.  The third step is to begin to notice any changes in your thoughts or perceptions related to the original intention.


It is not uncommon to wonder, “How do I know I received an answer?”  Here are some clues of what to look for.  Guidance often comes to us when we least expect it like when washing the dishes or taking a shower.  It tends to speak to us in an unemotional tone of voice that is clearly heard and remembered by our soul.  Guidance often gives us an answer that is unexpected by our rational mind.  It leaves us with a feeling of peace and calm, a feeling that we have been touched by some profound sense of truth that we instantaneously comprehend.  It does not feel scary.  Divine messages are of pure intent and never direct us to criticize, blame or hurt anyone else.


We all receive divine guidance more than we tend to realize.  The truth is we are often simply not prepared to hear the messages or act upon them. When we intentionally ask for guidance, we are invoking great power in our lives and granting permission for things to change.  It takes great faith, healthy self-esteem and personal stamina to answer this call.  However, once we begin to open to this innate resource within each of us and trust in our capacity to respond, we begin to create a more authentic life filled with greater passion, health and joy.


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