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How Can I Do Business In These Crazy Economic Times?    - by Pat Izzi


How many times have I heard that question or others related to the economy in the past few months?  More than I can count!  So what’s really happening?  What can we do to survive these challenging times?


I am sure we could agree that the media has EXCESSIVELY over played many of the facts.  Good news doesn’t sell newspapers or television ad space.  The stories have to be overwhelming to be newsworthy…or so the publishers think.


I have a different point of view.  As a holistic health practitioner I am keenly aware of the potential for my clients to come less often since my services are not covered by 3rd party payment (Blue Cross or other health care insurance) and are paid for by the client’s discretionary income.  This, I have been told, is now in short supply because of the increase in everyone’s basic expenses like food, heat, taxes, etc.   I do not accept this premise.


Let me explain.  Long before “The Secret” was released, I was teaching clients about creating their own reality…with their thoughts, their words, and by setting their intent for their own lives, not by letting other people’s thoughts or actions change their minds or choices.


When we focus on what other people think or say or try to convince us to believe, we are short circuiting our own belief system.  Certainly you can use other people’s “suggestions” as data in your decision making process, but to change your mind or change your plan to please or placate others is how you can all get into trouble and lose the true focus of your lives!


So, what are we to do in these challenging times?  Sit down and make a list.  Yes, a list…of all the things you would like to manifest in your life.


More clients, more money, better relationships, more love, better health, whatever you truly want more of in your life.


Now, the fun part…sit comfortably, in a quiet space and visualize what having one of your wishes would feel like.  Yes, you’re “daydreaming”, but make it real.  See it, feel it, fill the images with color and make it real!  For example, what would having more clients feel like?  See them coming in your door.  Envision them paying you for your services.  Hear the phone ring with even more clients because word of mouth has spread!  The more detail in the visualization the better.  The more sense of feeling you can create in this vision will bring the manifestation to you faster.


You are “programming” the Universe to be your partner ... and it will respond!


I know this sounds a little left of center, but trust me, it works!  I have been using this method and others for years and I have not “suffered” the challenges that the media has continually de-scribed as “an economic downturn”.  New opportunities appear in my life all the time.  Try it!  See what happens in your life when you refuse to validate someone else’s reality and start creating the one you want.  The outcome will be inspiring and you will begin to see just how powerful you are!


Many blessings to you all!


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