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Live an Inspired Life - Re-inventing Yourself From the Inside/Out                                                                                                    - by Lisa Milich, Certified Coach


Re-inventing yourself from the inside out is not always an easy job, but the incredible reward is finding yourself fully expressed, free and amazingly powerful!  Free from worry, struggle, challenges and self-doubt.  I am not sharing this perspective as just a trained coach and holistic practitioner, but as a loving and compassionate woman who has personally struggled with it herself.  For far too long, chaos and confusion ruled my life.  Finding who I was and what I wanted came from what I now consider the blessing of a personal crisis.  The numbness and depth of confusion I felt at the time allowed me to come to terms with the idea that I could no longer live my life as it was.  I deserved better -- for myself, my family and ultimately those I would serve and come into contact with in the world.  Now, not all of you will face such a crisis on your journey, but sometimes this is the only way.  For me, I had ignored all of the signs my body, mind and spirit were loudly screaming.  As a working professional, mom and step-mom,  I tried to live up to all the demands and societal expectations of the various roles I played.  I found myself giving up who I was and what I wanted to everyone else in my life, and in the process I was completely exhausted and lost.  Self care was not even a consideration back then.  Learning to let go of others' expectations and the choice to stop living unconsciously ultimately put me on the path to personal freedom and the discovery of  the gifts I can now share with others.  To be who you are, you must release who you are not.  And from my experience and from other practitioners I highly regard, you certainly don't think your way into becoming who you are.  It takes a holistic approach -- a whole body, mind and spirit experience.  One that is consciously alive, authentic, flowing and most of all heart centered.


Through fostering personal awareness, broadening perspectives are created along with opportunities to overcome obstacles and fears so that new solutions, opportunities and dreams can be fully realized.  The body and spirit offers amazing wisdom to support the mind's choice that we are just beginning to fully comprehend.   For far too long, our society has valued just the mind.  Today's rapidly changing, complex and chaotic world requires us to lead our live's pursuits with passion and purpose from an inside/out approach.  Now I am not saying life will just be a piece of cake and that challenges won't happen, but learning to live in the moment and flow with it versus against it is the tool to personal freedom.  This comes from knowing who you are and what is meaningful to you.   It also comes from a determination and commitment to self discovery.  The alternative is living in constant chaos and confusion which offers no real hope.  Isn't it time you lived the life you were truly meant to?  


Let us help you re-invent who you are and what matters most from an inside/out approach…



Lisa Milich, Founder/Director & Certified Coach




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