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What is Reiki - by Char Copeland, The Silver Willow



   If you had asked me that question ten years ago, I would not have known. Now being a Reiki Master/Teacher for several years, I have come to understand on a much deeper level. If you ask the average Reiki practitioner what it is a nutshell they may say “hands on healing”. I see Reiki more as pushing the universal energy of love and positive energy through the person to promote healing. This heals as it moves through the body’s energies and pushes out negative debris and energy. This allows your own healing to kick and allow your body to heal with its own natural energies.


How does Reiki help?


     Reiki can help with a lot of different ailments whether they are spiritual, physical or emotional. For example, I was in a car accident quite a few years ago and it left me disabled. I struck my head on the wind shield and broke several discs in my neck. This gave me arthritis that can press on my spinal cord causing intense pain. As if these injuries were not enough, during the same year I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and a form of Lupus. Fibromyalgia causes the joint and muscles to spasm and ache as though you had just received an injury. It is as if the brain panics and sends out a wrong signal to the nerve endings, causing pains. Lupus forces your blood cells to fight one another and this causes fatigue, joint and bone pains, but also causes unsightly hives from exposure to sunlight and sulfur. I spent three years not even being able to get out of my bed.


    I was made of aware of Reiki while trying to find holistic remedies for my pains. The medication given to me caused horrible side effects and I wanted a more natural treatment. This is where I found Reiki. As I began my path on Reiki level one, I learned how to channel the positive energy of the universe and to heal physical ailments. Using this technique, I was able to heal myself. Now I am out of bed and with the support of my medical doctor, I was able to come off all of my prescription medicine. Now I am a Reiki Master Teacher and I am using this gift to help other people as it helped me. By healing others, I continue to heal myself. It has been an incredible, positive change in my life.


Choose wisely:

     Reiki has grown lately and is drawing in a lot of interest. Some hospitals even offer information on Reiki healers to patients to help with their treatment. I have met many people who have told me that they are Reiki Masters or natural healers. This is where I spread a word of warning to you if you are intending on booking a Reiki treatment or considering taking classes. Unfortunately and sadly there are a lot people out there just calling themselves healers or Reiki Masters. Some of these people may have never had any treatments, atonements or training. Most are genuine and are willing to help and share their stories. But buyers beware. A true Reiki master will be certified with traceable lineage and they have many hours of practicing under their belt. Choose your Reiki Master wisely because receiving Reiki treatments or atonements from someone that is not properly trained can cause many problems instead of healing them. In order to make sure that you get the best treatment or training possible, make sure that the person you are dealing with is a true Reiki Master.


    I hope this story will inspire you to try Reiki for yourself. I hope that it helps you in the same amazing way that it changed my life. It will help heal your ailments, but also help bring positive energy in your life during the times that you need it the most. Try it and see for yourself.


-Char Copeland, Reiki Master Teacher

The Silver Willow/


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