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The Healing Power of Animals,  by the Silver Willow


It’s a documented medical fact that people who own pets live a longer and happier life and animals are around us constantly. Some animals come in and out of our lives with a spiritual message and are also known as animal totems. Animals just like humans have energy. The energy of animals can be used for healing, protection, and guidance. This shows that being in the presence of animals can benefit you on a spiritual, emotional and even physical level.


The best thing about Animal Totems is that they will reveal themselves to you saving you the exhaustion of seeking them out. When there something in your life that needs your attention the animals appear to you as a sign. This can happen while you are dreaming or in a vision. It can also be simply driving down the road and seeing a real animal or even the repeated image of one of television. You may be driving wondering how you can handle all the stress at work and you see an opossum lying on the side of the road. This may be a sign to you that you need to “play dead” and stay away from drawing attention to yourself.


Of course, everyone has one animal in particular that best fits their personality. This is the animal you will work with the most. You will also find yourself with a small circle of favorites that you turn to often. However, always remember that you are not limited. For a great example, my personality totem is a rabbit. This creature has been a big part of my personality although for years I never knew why. The rabbit keeps alert and watches for danger, but is quick to warn others when it is approaching. They are clever and wise, but they also very quick witted. My inner circle consists of the crow, wolf and occasionally a phoenix. This is a good time to remind everyone that animal totems do not have to be animals of flesh and blood. Many creatures of legend, folklore or mythology can also be harnessed for more difficult situations.


Sometimes an animal that you fear can be trying to tell you something. After you make the connection with it you can release the fear. My sister has a great fear of spiders, but after doing a spider meditation to connect with the totem, she realized that they were trying to warn her. A negative influence in her life was causing her to feel confined, almost “buried alive”. After the meditation, her fear of spiders has lessened. The negative influence was cut from her life and now she can stand to be in the same room with a spider without screaming. It can be a very enlightening thing.


Working with your animal Totems will allow you to adopt the attributes of the animal’s personality in your daily life. You can be as strong as the lion or as successful with change as the butterfly. It can unlock confidence, strength and intuition. It is very rewarding when you let the animals into your life.


So, the next time that you are sitting alone in a park and a single crow lands beside you and begins to caw, remember that he is trying to pass on a message to you. Seek out information on the animal’s personality and perhaps use a guided mediation to help you communicate with it. The next time you are taking a walk look around at the animals you see. A passing squirrel could be telling you gather all your strengths together. There is a reason why we feel such a connection to animals and when you become conscious of it…the world becomes a brighter place.


JeeBee, Animal Spiritual Advisor

The Silver Willow



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