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(See also Education.)


Heart Centered Success - 849-5900

Holistic Healing Association


Living Your Way - 787-3937



HOLISTIC PRACTITIONERS (Doctors, Therapists, Counselors, Consultants, Coaches, Shamen)


Denise Archambault, LICSW -228-4387
1525 Old louisquissett Pike, Lincoln.


Cristina Berard, RPh., M.Ed. - 486-5642


Joy Quinn Blum, MA, M.Div., CHt.  - 258-3952

Holistic Psychotherapy, Health Coaching & Sound Healing

Offices in Providence and E. Greenwich

Lisa Bowker, MSW - 261-8337
Advanced Integrative Therapy


C. Carol Chevalier, MS, LMFT - 440-2882
3285 S. County Trail, E. Greenwich


Susan Catherine Collyer - 383-6178 or 533-0153
Intuitive healer


Create Your Life! - 569-7017
Tara Steeves, Life Coach.


Susan De Lorenzo - 508-736-8844

Elizabeth Desrochers, Shaman - 447-3671

Shaman, Spiritual Healer,QHHT Certified Hypnotherapist, Reiki Master Teacher,

Certified Biofeedback Specialist. Johnston.


Joanne DiBello, MS, M.Ed. - 521-3427

Providence.  Specializing in services to individuals with Cancer/ life threatening illness & their families.


Paul A. DiSegna, Shamanic Practitioner - 736-6500


Rev. Deborah C. Faith -  401-323-7271

Workshops: Shamanism, Spiritual Guidance, and Wedding Minister Mentorship



Norma Faraone-Ledgard, LCMHC, Ph.D. - 241-8368


Tammy L. Garceau, LICSW, CIMI - 282-9502
Center for Counseling & Wellness. 3285 S. County Trail, E. Greenwich.


Nancy Gordon, Ed.D - 625-1128
Crossroads Movement Center, Tiverton.  Specializes in helping individuals, groups, and organizations to identify options, manage difficult times, plan changes and transitions, and rediscover wholeness.


Lisabeth Gutierrez - 207-7788


Nancy Harris, LICSW - 378-4190
534 Angell St., Prov.


Melissa Hecht, MSW, LICSW, Reiki Master - 508-951-9828
Intuitive Therapy, 1300 Park Ave., Woonsocket.


Barbara L. Holtzman, MSW, LICSW  - 789-0777
Offices in Providence and Wakefield


Susan Hurd, MA, CAGS, LMHC - 787-2355


Toni-Ann Laprade 

Holistic Health Coach & Hypnotherapist 

Above All Holistic Health and Wellness

245 Phenix Ave (Parking and Entrance in Rear) Cranston


Cris McCullough, MA, Community Shaman - 293-5655
Soul Wisdom Healing Arts/

Northern Lights Holistic

204 B Clock Tower Plaza, Portsmouth


Katie McDonald - 966-4486

Bnourished, LLC. Saunderstown


Joanna Meriwether, BS, MSW - 837-8870
Holistic Health Counseling & Coaching.


Shirley J. Pryor, MA, CAGS, LMT - 369-1829

Expressive Arts Therapy.


Debbee Radcliff - 793-0097
Creatigo, Creative paths to I AM ... Empowering Families.


Dr. Roger Redleaf - 944-6582
95 Sockanosset Cross Rd., Cranston.


Jude Rittenhouse - 348-8079
Integrated Healing Services, Westerly


Tara Crawford Roth, PCC - 258-3732


Rachael Smith, RN, MA, CRC, LCMHC - 828-5065
81 Station Street, Coventry.

María Sorensen, MA, LAADC, SAP - 932-6820

Integrative Psychotherapist, Certified in IFS, EMDR, Hypnosis and Reiki. 

Healing Arts, LLC, 1130 Ten Rod Rd., North Kingstown


Robin Tanguay - 391-1189
Certified  IIHS Instructor and Handwriting Coach.


Tony Tavares - 952-5529 -
781 Edgewater Drive, Blackstone, MA


Leigh Vincola - 248-1760
Holistic Coach & Personal Cartographer


Kate Wolfe, LMFT - 527-9179
63 Soccanosset Cross Road, Suite 2A-4, Cranston


Cheryl Wright, BSE - 617-448-8749
Awakening Touch



HOMEOPATHY  (See also Naturopathy)
Homeopathy is a path of treatment that will mimic the symptom of the sufferer to reinforce the person’s natural defenses to move forward toward restoring good health.  Treatment is based on the administration of minute doses of a drug that in massive amounts produces symptoms in healthy individuals, similar to those of the disease itself.  

Mark Brody - 861-4643
295 Angell St., Prov.

Dr. Sheila Frodermann, MS, ND, DHANP, CCH - 455-0546

Providence Wholistic Healthcare


Vandana Pitke- 573-3757


✓ Homeopathic Educational Services, www.

✓ National Center for Homeopathy - 877-624-0613,





Elizabeth Ami, RN - 339-8556
Also Infant Massage and John of God Crystal Healing Bed.


Janet Larson, MA, MS, CYT - 932-5558


Katharine Rossi - 924-0567
Depth Hypnosis and Shamanic Practitioner



Hypnosis is a state of inner absorption, concentration and focused attention. When our minds are concentrated and focused, we are able to use our minds more powerfully. Because hypnosis allows people to use more of their potential, learning self-hypnosis is the ultimate act of self-control.

Amanda Campbell, MA, CHT - 374-8559
Whole Self Solutions, 110 Main Street, Suite 305, East Greenwich.


Dr. Dave DiSano - 323-6934


Rev. Deborah C. Faith - 323-7271

The Faith Regression Hypnosis Method and Energy Healing



Lisabeth Gutierrez, CH. - 207-7788


Healing in Harmony - 949-5533
185 Putnam Pike (new location!) in Chepachet. Also massage, Reiki, ear coning, and more.


Hypnotic Centers of New England/Newport Hypnosis - 849-1861
174 Bellevue Ave., Newport.  


John Koenig, CHt - 374-1890
Warwick, RI & Seekonk, MA.


Norma Faraone-Ledgard, LCMHC, Ph.D - 241-8368

Mindful Living Hypnosis - 301-4426

Cheryl Reynolds, RN, CH


Thought Alchemy - 774-991-0574


Hypnosis Resources:

✓ American Board of Hypnotherapy - 800-800-MIND,

✓ The Hypnotherapy Society,

✓ National Guild of Hypnotists,
    Find RI hypnotists, meetings, support, etc.



Iridology is the analysis of the iris, which is the colorful area of the eye that surrounds the pupil. By analyzing the iris, a person's level of health and specific areas of nutritional deficiency can be identified.

Marie Bouvier-Newman - 305-3585
It’s My Health Wellness Collaborative, 1099 Mendon Rd., Cumberland.



✓ Int’l. Iridology Practitioners Assoc. - 888-682-2208



Kinesiology is a series of tests that locate weaknesses in specific muscles, reflecting imbalances throughout the body. Then specific massages or acupressure techniques are used in an attempt to rebalance what has been revealed by the kinesiology tests. It is used to alleviate muscle, bone, and joint problems, treat aches and pains, and correct many areas of imbalance and discomfort.

Linda Broadhead, LMT- 741-3093
1220 Kingstown Rd., Wakefield


It's My Health - 305-3585

1099 Mendon Road, Cumberland


Nancy W. Sherman, M.Ed - 294-3944
64 Pleasant St., Wickford.



✓ American Academy of Kinesiology and Physical Education,

✓  Touch for Health Kinesiology Association - 800-466-8342,



Labyrinths have promoted a greater sense of group cohesion, self-awareness, and spiritual growth among its users.


The Labyrinth Ladies - 847-6551
A path for mindful meditation, peace and tranquility classes, guided walks and consultations.







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